Friday, June 11, 2010

Treatment and T-ball

Addyson had a treatment yesterday. We got the treatment in but when they were drawing blood the Port stopped working again. Not sure what is up with that Port but I can't wait until she can have that thing removed! Hopefully sooner rather than later!!! We will meet with Dr. Jarvis in 2 weeks and go over all her results.

Addyson also went and saw her therapist again. He is trying "tapping" on Addyson. It is suppose to be away for her to relax. I guess we will see if it works during the next treatment. But again so glad she went. She is beginning to talk to the therapist now!

The nurse from Children's Hospital called me today. Addyson whit blood cell count is low. They want to lower her Cellcept from .9 to .8 twice a day. the cellcept can do that so they are going to slowly tapper it! Yay! Overall everything is looking in the right direction!

Addyson started T-ball today. She was so excited! Today she met her team and practiced together. At first she was very shy and was crying with Matt. But after about 15 min she was okay. Her first game is Monday! I think she will do fine. The game is 8pm so at least i won't have to worry about the sun!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Matt took Addyson earlier this week to talk to a therapist. I am so glad we went! Everyone has been telling us its the medicine and it will go away once she is off everything. I just knew better! Only Dr. Pachman was the one that agreed with us that she should see one! Addyson has a lot of anxiety and alot of other stuff going on. But that little girl has been through alot lately! She is going to meet again with him next week.