Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well Addyson got her Port removed on Monday. Everything we great. The surgery only lasted about 30 minutes! But it was a whole day event. You just have to love hospitals. Well After 4 surgeries for a pointless Port. I hope she never has to get another one. Overall she is doing good. She is a little sore but she is still very active. We took off her bandage and you would have thought we were killing her. I think that was the worst part. lol Addyson has a heart of gold and if you ever are around Addyson you would have thought she was just a normal child. Not fighting a life threatening disease. We learned just a few days ago that a boy died of this disease. It makes you so thankful for the little things!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chicago August 15-18th

We just got back from Chicago. It was a nice trip but very glad to be home. We won't get the blood results back for a couple of weeks but overall Addyson seems to be doing good at this time. If everything stays good by the time we come back to Chicago in 3 months, we will be done with treatments and Dr. Pachman will start to lower the dosage on her medications. Yay!!! Hopefully we will stay on this path! I will write again once I have all the results!

Addyson will have her Port removed on Monday. We have to be at the Hospital at 8am. She is actually ready to get it out! I don't blame her at all.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Treatment and appt and sugrery appt

Addyson had a treatment yesterday. She did very well. She wanted the IV in her arm so before we left the house I put magic cream on her. It helps to numb the skin, so it doesn't hurt so much. She also got to see Dr. Jarvis today. Dr. Jarvis said she was doing well and her blood levels are looking good right now. So Addyson will now have treatments every 4 weeks. yeah!!! All the meds are going to stay the same right now. But I will take anything. Its one step closer to remission. We leave Sunday for Chicago, so hoping Dr. Pachman feels the same way about Addyson!! I will post an update when we get back!

Addyson will also be having surgery on August 23, 2010 to remove the port. We don't use it and half the time it doesn't work anyways. Besides we have been using her arm lately. So hopefully she will never have to have another Port put in.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miracle Flights

Matt and I have been using Miracle Flights to help pay for the flights to and from Chicago. Flights are not cheap anymore. They have recently added Addyson onto their website. Here is the link.

Because of the economy, they are unable to fly both adults and child to Chicago. They are only able to fly one parent with the child. But I can't complain. Atleast they are still helping!!

I never dreamed I would see my child on a website like this. But I am very thankful something like this is out there for kids they need to be treated in another state or country!!