Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 14, 2010

Well after speaking with Dr. Jarvis about Addyson. He wanted to see her ASAP. So Thursday, we went up to Children's Hospital. She received a treatment and also they took blood. Dr. Jarvis also came to see her during her Treatment. Dr. Jarvis wasn't even at the offices that day he came from the lab. I am lucky to have such a doctor that cares for his patients. He said he would call us after he got the blood results to see what the next step will be. I will update once I get that phone call.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walt Disney World

Matt and I took Addyson along with my mom to Walt Disney World. Addyson had an unbelievable time. She got to get all dressed up like Cinderella., rode a ton of rides. Her favorite was Tower of Terror!! She didn't want to walk most of the time there. So that has me concerned. She isn't eating very well either. I am going to call Dr. Jarvis on Monday and see about them drawing blood and checking everything out. It could just be Addyson being lazy but something tells me is this stupid disease trying to creep back in our lives. I will let you know

ER visit #2

So Saturday Addyson woke up feeling worse and still running temp and throwing up. She couldn't keep the medicine down and was very tired. We called the doctor and he sad to take her to Children's ER. So we were there for 7 hours again. But they got her fever down, gave her fluids and gave her a bunch of antibiotics to kick the Pneumona in the They were going to admit her but because of her disease they didn't want her around more sick kids with her immune system being so low. Which I am glad! I would rather have her at home! And the medicine worked. She started feeling much better on Sunday! Which is good because we leave for Walt Disney World on the Sept. 28th!


Addyson start coughing on Thursday. So we took her back to the doctor on friday. Where they did an x-ray and we found out she had Pneumonia. Atleast I know what is wrong and we can get her on Medicine to make her feel better! Yeah!