Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great News

We met with Dr. Jarvis and he thinks Addyson is just having growing pains.. He did draw blood and everything is still looking great!! So in Feb. we will lower her MTX to .2 if she is still feeling good! We won't go back for 4 months and when we do he will probably taker her off MTX all together! yay! We will start to lower her other meds one by one after that!! Woohoo. If all goes well she will hopefully be off all meds by the time she starts school!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on labs

Dr. Pachman called me the other night and said Addyson labs look great! So she would like to stop treatments and then check blood in a couple of months. But great news!!! She wants us to talk to Dr. Jarvis about Addyson's Arthritis. He specializes in Arthritis and knows a lot more about it. We see him on Monday and will know more then. Addyson has really been hurting in her right leg. My mom has put a heating pad on her leg and she said it helps a little. Hopefully we will get some answers regarding her leg soon.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chicago and MRI!!

We arrived in Chicago around noon on Sunday, December 5. It was very cold around 22 degrees and with their wind the news said it felt like -6 degrees. BRRR. So we only left to eat dinner!! On Monday we had to be at the outpatient clinic at 8am for Addyson MRI. Addyson was not happy about getting an IV! They had to poke her twice and she screamed! It breaks my heart!!! They got to her sleep and back in the room around 8:45. Well 9:45 past and then 10:15 pasted. We were starting to get worried. So Matt went to find out what was going on. Addyson was fine but for some reason that did an extra test on her leg. So she was under for 2 hours. It took her awhile to wake up and when she did, she was in another world...lol The good news is while she was asleep they took blood through the IV. So no more needles the rest of the trip!! She pretty much acted Drunk as Matt puts it. It didn't wear off of her until around 7pm that evening. so we spent the whole day in the hotel with her while she slept. We were suppose to see Dr. Pachman at Noon but because her MRI ran so late, they moved our appointment to Tuesday morning.

On December 7, we met with Dr. Pachman. She already had the results from the MRI and everything looked normal. Some of the blood work came back as well and it was normal. All great news! Dr. Pachman does think Addyson is developing Arthritis though. Which is not a good thing. Horrible thing in fact. One more thing in her life that she doesn't need! More medicine and at times can be very painful for Addyson!! I am suppose to call Dr. Pachman on Monday to get the rest of the results and the plan for what is going to happen next. She was going to get all of our medical records from Children's ER and Dr. Jarvis and then call Dr. Jarvis. So I guess we will find out more on Monday.

Later this day we went down to Navy Pier to get Addyson's sister Kaylee some Penguins that she fell in love with. We wanted extras in case we lost her penguin in the future! lol

The next day we flew home! Ready to be home and way from that cold weather!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We will be leaving for Chicago on Sunday but we found out Addyson will be having an MRI and she will be put to sleep while they do the MRI. I guess the test is 45 mins and the machine is loud and they need her to lay very still. I never like it when they have to put her to sleep but I understand why they have to too! Hopefully we will finally get some answers regarding her leg. Addyson has been running a fever for the past few days. I am thinking she is getting a cold. I hope she can get over it before we get on a plane! She has also been extremely tired lately.