Sunday, February 27, 2011

Update on Bloodwork

I got a call about Addyson bloodwork and it all came back normal! Thankfully! So we will continue to taper her meds!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Addyson pictures

Here is a few of Addyson 5 year old pictures!


Well right before we left, we found out Addyson Aldolase count was high! I took Addyson back today to get more blood taken and see if they are still high. So for now we just wait and see! I will keep you updated!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make a Wish Trip

Feb 10, 2011

The day finally arrived for us to go on Addyson's Make-a-Wish trip to Orlando! We actually were suppose to leave Feb 9th but do to a snow storm our flight was cancelled yesterday. But that okay because at least we still get to go! Our flight left at 8am and we arrived in Orlando around 3pm. We were met by a volunteer to help us get our rental car and help us get to our Village! By the time we got our luggage and got to the Give the Kids the World Village it was around 5:30. The Village was amazing!! You could get ice cream and pizza all day long! If you wanted they fed you every meal. They had so many things going on it was crazy. The night we got there was winter wonderland. So Addyson got to see Santa and get a gift. She choose a light bright! We had orientation that night to receive all our passes to the theme parks and anything else we wanted to do. We got to bed at a decent time because we knew it was going to be an early day tomorrow!
Our home for the week!

Feb 11, 2011

Let the fun begin! We got to Hollywood studios around 8:40. The park opened at 9am. The first ride we rode was Addyson's favorite Tower of Terror. There was hardly any lines. Not like that matter though. We got to go through the fast pass lines on every ride!! We then went and rode Toy Story a few times and some of the other attractions. We ran into Character everywhere including "Lotso" from Toy story 3. Again they took us right to the characters and we didn't have to wait in the lines.

We also saw Beauty and the Beast play They gave us front row seats. Afterward the play, they had Addyson stay after and come to the back where the prince and Bell and some of the other characters were waiting for her. They gave her a rose! We rode a few more rides and by then it was starting to get Dark and it was actually pretty cold. So we headed back to the Village!

Feb 12, 2011

Before we left the village, Addyson got to go Horseback riding! She loved it!! Today we decided to go to Universal Studios! Wow they treat make-A -wish families like they are royal!! They escorted us on every ride! No waiting at all! no waiting at any characters. We went and saw the Barney show and they had us stay after to meet Barney and get pictures with him. Addyson really liked this show! They had a great kiddie area! Then we saw any animal show with all sorts of animals. Again they let us stay after the show and we got to have our picture taken with the Dog from Men in Black!! They were beyond amazing at Universal. we got through everything pretty quick since we didn't have to wait on anything! Which was great when Matt and I rode the stuff Addyson couldn't get on! After Universal we headed to Downtown Disney!

Feb 13, 2011

Today we went to Sea World. We went and saw a lot of their shows. They had a really good Dolphin and whale show. Then we saw another animal show and of course the Shamu show! They were all very good. They did have some really good roller coasters for Matt and I! In fact the park was dead, I even rode of the roller coaster all by my self. I will admit, that was a little freaky! Addyson favorite ride was Journey to Atlantis. It was a ride like Splash Mountain. Let me remind you it was cold outside. But Addyson wanted to ride it.So we went on and Matt got soaked!! Addyson laughing of course! They had dryers at the end of the ride if that tells you anything! Addyson wanted to ride it again so while Matt was getting dry, I took Addyson back on it. Big mistake, I got soaked that time!! lol We let around 3pm and went and ate at the Rainforest Cafe and walked around some more.

Feb 14, 2011

Happy Birthday 5th Addyson!! Today was going to be a busy but a very exciting day for Addyson. We started out at breakfast where they sang Happy birthday to her and gave her a special waffle! Then Addyson went to the Boutique to get her all dressed up liked Cinderella. She was so beautiful! she loved it. Then we headed to Magic Kingdom to meet Cinderella in a private VIP room. The fairy Godmother was there too! They were so sweet, they gave Addyson a bottom that said "We love you, from Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother! Wish granted!" And the fairly Godmother gave your a lot of fairy dust to put in her room! It was a great experience for Addyson. Then Addyson wanted to go back to Hollywood studios. Of course we did and we straight to the Tower of Terror. Addyson had a goal to ride it 25 times! So we started and soon we got to know the employees and they learned of Addyson goal. The park closed to the general public at 7pm. Addyson was only on 18 at the point. One of the employees named Amanda was amazing! Her and Addyson really hit it off! She talked with her Manager and she got us to stay after 7pm to finish Addyson's goal!!! Amanda is so sweet and I don't think she will ever understand what that meant to Addyson! She made Addyson's make-a-Wish trip unbelievable and I could never repay her for that!!! She did give us her email, so we will be able to stay in contact with her! yay!!

We took pictures of Addyson before each ride. this was ride number 22!! lol We finally got back to the Village around 9pm. Addyson fell asleep on the way home , she was exhausted!

Feb. 15, 2011

Addyson wanted to go ride Tower of Terror a few more times and some of the other rides. So we went back to Hollywood studios and rode it just 3 times today! Mommy and Daddy were getting tired of Addyson wasn't feeling the best so we went back to the village and she took a great nap. Then we got up and went to Epcot for a few hours. Then back to the Village to pack up.

Feb. 16th, 2011
It was sad leaving the Village, as they were amazing there!!! But we were ready to come home and get some

Thank you Mom for watching Kyler and Kaylee! And thank you Travis and Brooke for watching them Saturday night. You all really are the greatest and I would be lost with you all in my life!!!