Friday, September 23, 2011


For the past month, we have noticed Addyson not wanting to walk long distances, getting very tired easily, and extremely moody. She even has been complaining of her legs hurting. The rash on her face would be visible and then go away. We knew something wasn't right. So Last week I had her blood taken after school one day. We got the results on Wednesday. The disease is back full force. Dr. Jarvis moved to New York so we had to see Dr. O'Neil. We had only seen her once before. She wanted to see Addyson ASAP. So I went and got Addyson out of school ( might I add I had just dropped her off 25min before I got the results). We went to OU Children's hospital were she was seen and given a treatment. They did a test to see how her muscles were doing. She was NOT up to where she should be. I knew that already though. She couldn't even walk all the way around the mall like she use too. She did okay during the treatment and the vein worked the first time. She was tired still but her face looked so good. Always does after treatments. The next day Addyson was okay, still tired but wanted to go to school. She made it through school but wasn't feeling good at all. She came home and feel asleep at 4pm on her bed. She did finally get up for a little bit and was still feeling sick and weak. She just laid on the couch with her little sister. Addyson's face looked like it did when she was first diagnosed. So we will start this journey again. Hoping we get her off meds and treatments very soon!