Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lab results and visit with new Doctor

Addyson had her blood draw a few days ago and during her visit today we got the results back. Everything looked perfect. Her LDH was high but nothing to worry about because it could be she is growing. So we are headed in the right path. This is our 2nd visit with this new doctor here at OU Children's. I still don't get a good impression of her and she doesn't seen to know much about JDM. Which makes me extremely nervous. Luckily we are keeping everything the same for now. Which I want to do until I met with another doctor anyways. Our plans were to go to New York this summer to see Dr. Jarvis. I knew he was in the hospital as we called his cell phone but after not hearing from him in months I finally found out he will not be returning to work. Whatever is going on with him must be very serious. Which makes me sad because I love Dr. Jarvis. He has been with Addyson since the beginning. So I have been trying to schedule an appt with Dr. O'neil in Indiana. But they want Addyson records before they will make an appt. Easy enough, right? Yeah right!! Dealing with OU children's is unreal. I have been to OU and filled out a release form on June 29 and Indiana hospital is hasn't received them. Ugh so frustrating all of this is.  Then After taking to the Children's Hospital in Indiana I ind out Dr. O'Neil is having surgery. Hopefully nothing serious so I can get Addyson an Appt in Sept or October.

Overall Addyson is doing very well. She has been in gymnastic and is doing great. She learned how to swim and this fall she is going to start Soccer. So she is very active. She will be starting 1st grade very soon. She is ready to go back. We also got her a little kitten. It is her best friend. It goes with her everywhere and sleeps with her at night. We named him "Romo'. Daddy is a Dallas Cowboys fan and we already have a cat named Life is going great for Addyson and hopefully we can get through our Hot summer with no flares!!!
Addyson with Romo