Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blood results 1-2-13

After waiting over two weeks for Addyson's bloodworm we finally got the results today. Her results were all over the place. Matt had to go get the results from OU since we could never get a nurse or the doctor to call us back. So Matt tried calling Dr. Jarvis. He has always been there for Addyson even when he was sick.  Thankfully he answered his phone and told us to not worry yet. As she was probably battling a cold. Which the day she got blood taken she actually came home sick because  she wasn't feeling well.  So hoping that is what it is. He told us to have her blood taken again just to make sure it's nothing else. But it's better than a flare!!! 
We also found out that Dr. Jarvis is doing better in his own health and will be back to work in Buffalo,NY!!! Yay that made my day. Addyson has seen Dr. Jarvis since she was first diagnosed and  we trust him and most of all Addyson is comfortable with him. . We will be making plans to see him once he is settled at his new hospital in New York. 
For now, we are headed to Dallas on Tuesday to meet a new JDM doctor for Addyson. We don't have a JDM doctor here in Oklahoma that really treats her disease so we made this appt 6 months ago. So until things are going with Dr. Jarvis we will go meet this one. I have her heard good things about this doctor in Dallas. So we will see. I will update after we meet with her on Tuesday.