Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Well Spring Break makes it 6 weeks since Addyson has been off meds. But she came down with a stomach bug and I didn't want to get blood taken with her being sick. Ill go get it down next week when she is all better. Addyson is also going to get her tonsils out on April 25! It should help her sleep better! We will see how long she is down for but hopefully not too long. I will update with blood results once I get them from her doctor in Dallas. Overall Addyson is doing great!!

Addyson's 7th Birthday!!

Addyson had an amazing birthday! She had many friends and family at her party. She decided to have her birthday at bouncin craze!! Her first real birthday party with friends. She had a great time even though she felt horrible. She ended up having strep! But you would have never known it!! Rosebeary made an amazing cake for Addyson. It was donated to her from icing smiles!!! I can't thank them enough!!!
The Birthday Girl ready for her party!

Addyson with her best friend Boston!

Addyson with her amazing basketball cake!