Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treatment and fun

We got Addyson's Bloodwork back and it all came back normal!! Yeah!!! They are going to leave everything how it is for now to make sure it stays that way. Addyson had a treatment yesterday. She didn't want them to use her Port so they used her arm. I guess because it hasn't been used in awhile that it worked with no problems. Addyson is so brave!!

Afterwards, We went home and got the rest of the kids and went out to my in-laws. Addyson got to swim with her cousins and had a blast!! Matt had to go to work, so Addyson stayed and swam and played with girls. My mother in law said Addyson ate a ton!!! Which is great because she has been eating like a chicken lately! lol She obviously had fun because Addyson was asleep in Matt's car in no time!! lol

Addyson woke up today and I asked her what she wanted for breakfast. She said chicken and rice. That is what she had for dinner last night. It made me laugh!!!

Matt and I will travel to Chicago with her August 15, 2010. Her appointment is in the 16th at 9am!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Branson Trip

Addyson and my mom went up to Branson for a week. They left last Saturday. Matt and I and the other two kids left Tuesday to Branson and Came back Friday. Addyson is back in town now but is still with my She would rather be with my mom then home. But who wouldn't rather be with their grandparents. Addyson had a blast in Branson. She got to ride the ducks, drive on a race track, swim a lot and shop. Luckily this resort had an indoor pool. It was very Hot and we could see her cheeks starting to show signs of her rash again. But over all she had fun!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recent pictures!

Well While we are waiting for the bloodwork. I will post a few pictures of Addyson and her siblings. Addyson has lost so much wait since Easter. She looks pretty much back to the way she use to before all those meds!!Addyson - 4 years old
Kyler 2 years old
Kaylee 9 months old

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Addyson blooddraw

Well today I got call from a nurse at Dr. Pachman's office in Chicago. Because Addyson blood levels are still elevated, they want to do another blood draw. And depending on the results, well depend on what the next step to do will be. Overall not the greatest news! But we all know how this disease works. Its a roller coaster ride!! I will keep you updated after I get the results.

Dr. Jarvis Appt and T-ball

We Met with Dr. Jarvis a couple of weeks ago. Her aldolase are still elevated. We made her Methotrexate from .4 to .5. As of right now she is still receiving this orally. Addyson will still be receiving treatments every three weeks as of right now. We will watch her levels and see what happens.

Well it has been a raining Summer her in Oklahoma. Addyson has yet to be able to play t-ball. For four weeks her games have been cancelled. The season has only 8 So who knows what they will do. Because its seems to rain every Sunday and Monday. Ugh!!!