Saturday, February 9, 2013

MRI NEWS 2-6-2013

Well Addyson blood work came back prefect and so did her MRI!!!So we are taking her off cellcept and will draw her blood again in 6 weeks and then again in 12 weeks and see what it looks like. Addyson is so happy to be off meds again. I am so happy and excited but at the same time a little nervous. We tried this before a little over a year ago and 2 weeks after we took her off her meds disease came back full swing. But i have a good feeling this go around.

Now the MRI did show she had a pulled and a slightly tore muscle behind her right knee. Which makes complete sense. She fell off her scooter about a month ago and every since then she would limp or complain about her leg hurting especially during basketball games. But because she is such a strong girl. She still played and finished every game. so proud of her.

Her Birthday is on Valentines so what a great birthday present she is getting. We are celebrating her birthday with her friends here in a few days. I will post pictures and more about that special day.

So I'm praying Feb 7, 2014,  we can say she is in REMISSION. Fingers crossed!!!

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