Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blood results

We took her to see Dr. O'Neil for her appointment and to get her results. Addyson still wasn't feeling the greatest but overall is doing okay. She still gets the rash on her cheeks every once in awhile. She has been weak and tired but since she has been so sick, I didn't know if it was the disease or the illness. The blood results looked pretty good. They were not prefect but were not horrible either. We are not going to change anything and leave all meds the same.

Dr. O'Neil is leaving in a couple of months and now Addyson doesn't have a specialist in Oklahoma. Ugh They said they are suppose to be bringing in someone that specializes in JDM but no one yet. So frustrating to know you don't have a doctor that lives in your state. Hoping and praying a doctor will come soon to OU children's Hospital that has dealt with JDM before!!!


Took Addyson to her peds doctor today. Surprisingly she hasn't been to sick during the school year. Her immune system is very weak due to all the meds she is on but so far so good this year!! But she has been coughing for about 4 weeks and woke up last night complaining about her ear. So I took her to the doctor and she has an ear infection and a sinus infection. It takes Addyson awhile to get over illnesses so hopefully this stronger medicine he put her on will work fast. She only had a few hours of sleep last night but today was the last day of school and they were having a Holiday Party, so she wanted to go to go back to school. So I took her to school and when I came to her party I could tell she wasn't feeling good at all. She went to bed at 5 pm!

Blood draw

It's that time again. Addyson had to get blood taken but this time we went to Mercy's lab. OU children's have changed who they have take Addyson's blood and instead of driving 30 min, we went to a closer Hospital. Addyson has had Mavia draw her blood since she was diagnosed at the age of 3 and she was not happy that someone new was going to do it. But she actually did very well. In fact she was laughing while they took it. All the nurses said she was the first 5 year old to be We will find out the results on December 22.